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Message format

Every message in the P2P protocol has the following format:

Length Field Name Details
4 Magic bytes Network-specific magic bytes, see Note 1.
1 Message code One byte describing message type
4 Message body length Length of handshake body (specified below), as signed 32-bit integer
4 Handshake body checksum First four bytes of blake2b(message body)
* Message body Message body (specified below)


  1. For the testnet, magic bytes are [2, 0, 0, 1] (in decimal). For mainnet, [1, 0, 2, 4] (in decimal).
  2. No VLQ and ZigZag encoding is used for message length (for historical reasons); bytes are coming in big-endian order.



Tests for parsing networking messages against test vectors #1264

This PR contains :

  • assert() swapped with require() as the latter is non-elidable
  • unused parameter nextBlockTimestampOpt is removed from HeadersProcessor.requiredDifficultyAfter()

Different test vectors and simple parsers:

  • invalid PoW solution validation test for manually checked test vector
  • handshake parsing test for a test vector (bytes got from a 3.3.6 mainnet node)
  • SyncInfo networking message parsing test (can be used as a simple spec)
  • INV networking message parsing test (can be used as a simple spec)

Demo applications:

  • to generate address (AdressGenerationDemo)
  • transaction JSON printing added to CreateTransactionDemo